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Tshirt Printing Knowledge Base

T-Shirt Printing Methods at DigitLand

We specialise in Corporate Apparel polo shirts and Corporate gift for Company outdoor activity, Sport activities, school camping activities, Class Tee, CCA Tshirt, Company's T-Shirt and worker wear uniforms.

DigitLand uses various t-shirt printing methods. We advise the BEST suitable T-Shirt Printing Method base on our customer needs.
Here are some knowledge base of Tshirt printing methods and application that we use to advise to our customers.
We share our pros and cons knowledge base about t-shirt printing methods as follow:

  • What is Silkscreen Printing and when to use?
  • Why Embroidery is recommend for Corporate Image?
  • What is "Colour-Separation" means in t-shirt printing process?
  • How to Calculate T-Shirt Printing Cost?
  • How to design a TEE for cost saving?
  • Why with DigitLand?
  • Washing Instruction | How to take care?


T-Shirt Printing Methods at DigitLand

DigitLand provides COMPLETE T-Shirt Printing methods for various needs in T-Shirt Printing Industry. With our fully In-House T-Shirt Printing facilities, our customers have an assurance of their orders being care by DigitLand's in-house service.

SilkScreen Printing | Embroidery | DTG - Direct to Garment Printing | Industrial Digital Heat Transfer Printing | Sublimation/Permanent Heat Transfer Printing | Jersey Name and Number Printing, Vinyl / FOIL Printing Metalic Gold & Silver, Glow in the Dark, etc,.




How to Calculate T-Shirt Printing Cost
Base on your request information and order Qty, We will introduce various printing methods to suit your specific need.
The cost will depend on Order Qty, Time allowance, T-Shirt type, base color and material, How many Number of Colour used in Design, Design-Complication and Printing size, Number of Printing Position on T-Shirt.


How to design a t shirt for cost saving?

You will like to know how to design your class tee with minimum cost. What kind of t shirt designs that give you maximize your creation with minimize the cost. Here is our Blog post that give you in-depth knowledge.


What is color seperation in t-shirt printing process?

Color separation in t-shirts printing is the process of converting an image or photographic into a set of seperated colors that can be print in colour by colour. When an image or photograph is brought into printing, usually it is in a color mode often in RGB color mode or common mode of digital cameras use to view by monitors. They must be converted to a combination or halftones simulation in color seperation process in order to print on t-shirts by silkscreen printing method.

Separation types: Color separations for garment printing are generally divided into following:

  • Process color separation ( It use Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black - CMYK Ink to create the colors of an image. )
  • Simulated Halftones process separation ( This is the next level of difficulty beyond simple color separation.Utilize halftone shading and/or gradients in semi-opaque simulated dot shape transparency and density. )
  • Spot colors separation ( A spot color to match specific colors in an image. eg. Gold or Silver print, specific colors to match Pantone standard solid color. )

Why with DigitLand? : DigitLand team members are well vest in color separation and design process even before enter into T-shirt printing business. They were being in the Printing Industries for more than 15 years of experience, training to designers as well as ISO team member to take charge of printing quality control system. With our solid technical background, our customers rest assure of product quality with most suitable and the best printing result with lowest saving cost.



Halftones simulated process color separation for tshirt printing


What is Silkscreen Printing?

The Most inexpensive T-Shirt printing method, Silkscreen T-Shirt Printing process is one of the traditional printing-method in T-Shirt Printing Industry. Suitable for BIG Order QTY, BULK Production. DigitLand recommended to use this T-Shirt Printing method for order Qty above 100pcs and above.

Silkscreen printing process involved initial T-Shirt Printing setup cost like, Color Separated Screen/Film, Printing Plate/ or Frame.
The cost formula calculates as: The Number of Printing Colors = is equal to = Number of printing/Frame Use.

Visit our facebook photos of DigitLand - Silkscreen T-Shirt Printing actions.. 


How to do Silkscreen Printing-Preparation T-Shirt Printing in DigitLand Production
How to do Silkscreen Printing-Preparation Method  T-Shirt Printing at DigitLand


When to do Embroidery?

When you are looking at your corporate image, classic and elegant look, Embroidery is the best to present your corporate image in your company uniform with simple style.
Fully equipped with In-House Embroidery Production, DigitLand ensure the specific need of each and every customer order.

DigitLand also carries BLANK - Classic Polo Shirt -Ready Stock: in various design and colors theme.
GREAT for Corporate Team Building.
Minimum Order Qty as low as 50pcs and above for Customise Logo Embroidery order.


Please send your enquire to: enq18[at]digitLandSG.com

Embroidery Step-by-Step
Embroidery Step-by-Step | Embroidery Artwork Preparation by DigitLand



How to maintain printed shirts from Fading | Washing & Care Instruction - General tips

A few things to know how to maintain the printing on the shirts from fast fading.
Avoide strong detergent or bleach. Wash dark colour seperately.
Washing T-Shirts with cold water, do not use hot water.
Do not tumble dry. Ironing inside out. Do not Ironing directly on top of print.
Happy T-shirt printing with DigitLand.

We pass SGS Test on wash durability on Printing. 
The photo shows that during SGS - wash testing, the printing is still RESIST, when they test until fabric is torn.
DigitLand test print Durability by SGS

DigitLand uses ONLY Trusted and Quality T-Shirt Printing transfer material in most of our production.

However being extra care is a MUST.
We advise Do not use strong detergent or bleach.
Wash dark color separately.
Washing T-Shirts with cold water, do not use hot /warm water.
Do not tumble dry.
Do not IRON on Directly Printed area.






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